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  2. Apr 14,  · The Bay of Pigs is a large isolated inlet on Cuba's southern coast. There is little here apart from mosquitoes and a crocodile-infested swamp. .
  3. Apr 18,  · The Bay of Pigs, Cuba Fifty-five years ago, more than a thousand Cuban exiles stormed the beaches at the Bay of Pigs, Cuba, intending to ignite an uprising that would overthrow the government of Fidel Castro. This week, we look back at the events that unfolded and at the key players whose covert performances played out for all the world to see.
  4. Bay of Pigs invasion, abortive invasion of Cuba at the Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), or Playa Giron (Giron Beach) to Cubans, on April 17, , by some 1, Cuban exiles opposed to Fidel Castro. The invasion was financed and directed by the U.S. government and came at the height of the Cold War.
  5. The Bay of Pigs was not originally John F. Kennedy's idea. As the communist nature of Fidel Castro's regime became apparent, the urge to topple his government grew. Dwight D. Eisenhower's administration planned the invasion, which would be handled by the CIA. By the time of Kennedy's inauguration, the order to invade was the only remaining.
  6. Bay of Pigs. THE BAY OF PIGS INVASION: The Bay of Pigs Invasion was perhaps one of the biggest failures of the United States. In an attempt to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro, the United States government planned an invasion that ended with decreased trust in U.S. Government and killed all Cuban-American relations.
  7. The Bay of Pigs invasion was a pivotal moment in the Cold War, and completely changed Cuba’s role in the conflict. The invasion was led by Brigade , a group of Cuban counter-revolutionists looking to overturn the nascent rule of Fidel Castro.
  8. The Bay of Pigs Invasion and its Aftermath, April –October A left-wing revolution in Cuba had ended in with the ouster of President Fulgencia Batista and the establishment of a new government under Premier Fidel Castro. The Castro regime quickly severed the country’s formerly strong ties with the United States by expropriating U.S. economic assets in Cuba and developing .

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