1. The trail allowed settlers an access to New Mexico that was less dangerous as the previous trails. The trail helped to boost trade with the US, therefore boosting the economy. I️t was useful for .
  2. With a few exceptions, pack trains made annual treks between New Mexico and California, bringing woven Mexican products to California, which lacked sheep, and bartering them for horses and mules, scarce in New Mexico. The trail carried mule-trains over the Cajon Pass, then west through Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, and El Monte, to the region's.
  3. The Arizona Trail was the dream of Dale Shewalter who envisioned a cross-state trail in the s, and in , while he was working as a Flagstaff schoolteacher, walked from Nogales to the Utah state line to explore the feasibility of a trail traversing Arizona.
  4. Trails in New Mexico State Parks. The following are brief descriptions of selected trails at some of the 34 New Mexico State Parks. Several parks have downloadable (pdf) maps and trail guides (click on the highlighted trail name). Bluewater Lake State Park. The trail is a steep and rocky ¼-mile climb leading to Bluewater Creek.
  5. The AZT along the AZ/Mexico border continues to be impacted by people crossing illegally into the United States. Many new side trails are being created by dispersed foot traffic and AZT users should avoid mistakenly taking these trails intersecting the Arizona Trail (sometimes the AZT is less distinct than these foot paths).
  6. Goodbye Old Paint / Cowboy's Lament – Harry Mac McClintock/Mac V Trail To Mexico / Get Along Little Doggies - Mac (reissued on Mongomery Ward M) V Ain‘t We Crazy / [Peg Moreland] – Mac V Hobo's Spring Song (t.2) / If I Had My Druthers – Harry McClintock.
  7. The Santa Fe Trail contributed to the expansion of the Union. Among the first U.S. forces to move along the Santa Fe Trail into New Mexico was the Army of the West under the command of Colonel Stephen Watts caibaskpeporfindkerretikbupocaptper.xyzinfo Army of the West left Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on June 16, , and chose to follow the Mountain Route of the Trail because it provided access to water and to a ready-made base.
  8. Mac Harry McCLINTOCK - The Bum Song #2 / The Big Rock Candy Mountain: 78 t. VICTOR (US) Goodbye Old Paint (Mac Harry McCLINTOCK) / Cowboy's Lament (Harry McCLINTOCK "Mac") 78 t. VICTOR VI (US) Get Along Little Doggies (Mac HAYWIRE ORCH;) / Trail To Mexico (Mac Harry McCLINTOCK) 78 t. VICTOR VI (US).

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