1. Unfortunately, building regulations have changed a lot in the past fifty years, and vinyl from the s can often contain traces of substances that we now know to be harmful to human health. This is the biggest risk that comes from choosing vinyl flooring with a high recycled content – you don’t know exactly what is in your floor tiles.
  2. Apr 25,  · Pollen, grime, pollution, and rust can also take away from the visual appeal of your vinyl siding. It’s also easy for mildew and mold to grow in the shady areas of your home. This is an excellent example of how grimy vinyl can start to look once mildew takes over. You can tell that it takes away from the overall appeal of the home.
  3. Jun 02,  · Most vinyl flooring contains chemicals called phthalates, many of which have been banned from children's products over concerns of negative health effects. Phthalates are used to soften plastic and vinyl and make them more flexible. But they're believed to be toxic and have been linked to a laundry list of ailments. 2.
  4. You may be familiar with the strong smell of oil-based paints, and the “light-headed” feeling that can occur if you inhale the fumes for too long. This is an example of VOC’s, or Volatile Organic Compounds, becoming airborne. Too much exposure to VOC’s has been shown in multiple mainstream studies to lead to birth defects, learning.
  5. 1 day ago · Consumer experts from CHOICE warned the two common cleaning agents should never be used at the same time because it releases toxic fumes. 'Warning: Never mix bleach and vinegar together .
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  7. Why go to all the trouble to avoid toxic PVC (vinyl) plastic?? Lead. Phthalates. VOC's. Dioxin. Just for starters. It's nothing to mess around with, especially considering that these chemicals are well-established carcinogens and endocrine disruptors that wreak havoc on growing children. We're talking about developmental damage here, as well as damage to the liver, central nervous, respiratory.
  8. Researchers have found that children living in homes with vinyl flooring and sofas treated with fire retardant chemicals show increased levels of certain toxic chemicals. These chemicals have been Author: George Citroner.

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