1. Apr 15,  · With scantily clad victims pleading for mercy as they face unendurable tortures, Bloody Pit of Horror is a titillating over-the-top European horror epic. Filmed in "Psychovision," it stars Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay as the Crimson Executioner whose " vengeance requires blood!"/5(36).
  2. Bloody Pit of Horror sounds just like their previous albums! Take a gander at such song titles as the album-opener "Zombies, March," as well as "A Gathering of Ghouls," and "Hail, Genocide," and you know exactly what lies ahead.7/
  3. Il Boia scarlatto (Bloody Pit of Horror)(The Scarlet Hangman)(A Tale of Torture) Quotes. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Movie & TV guides. Erotic Movies.5/5(2).
  4. Mar 22,  · There are some movies that were considered quite scary by their contemporary audiences. However, when audiences in later years see those same movies, the result is often laughter at unintentional humor. Often the same scenes that terrified the audiences of yesteryear are the same ones that elicit mirth in today's film goers. ’s Bloody Pit of Horror is one of these movies.
  5. "Bloody Pit of Horror" is the US cut version, 9 minutes shorter than the original, released under the title "A Tale of Torture." The cut scenes had to do with film quality ad not content. Body Builder Mickey Hargitay is in this film for the ladies and there are a lot of scantily clad women for the guys.
  6. Bloody Pit of Horror is the twelfth studio album by Gwar. It was released on November 9, on Metal Blade Records.
  7. Say You Love Satan () [Demo] by Bloody Pit Of Horror. Songs: Say You Love Satan (Cuz We Do), Morbid Thirst, Demented.
  8. SADISM () aka Snake Pit and the Pendulum added the story of an evil. undead count seeking immortality. In , Stuart Gordon used the setting as a way to point a finger at religious abuse and hypocrisy; adding torture, witchcraft, gore, ghosts and other horror elements to the works.

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