1. Bitores Mendez (4) Jack Krauser (3) Ada Wong (3) Osmund Saddler (3) Chris Redfield (2) Luis Sera (2) Ashley Graham (2) Albert Wesker (1) William Birkin (1) Include Relationships Leon S. Kennedy/Ada Wong (2) Leon S. Kennedy/Jack Krauser (1) Leon S. Kennedy/Bitores Mendez (1) Leon S. Kennedy/Claire Redfield (1).
  2. Dec 24,  · Facing Chief Bitores Mendez (The Village,Chapter ) From Resident Evil 4 Soundtracks Album-Disk 1:Darkness Side Composer(s): Shusaku Uchiyama, Misao Senbongi Arranger(s): N/A Year of Release.
  3. Bitorez Mendez is the chief of the unnamed Spanish village, taken over by Osmund Saddler and the Los Illuminados cult. He is given a Dominant Species of the Plaga Parasite, allowing him to command others infected with Las Plagas and granting him incredible caibaskpeporfindkerretikbupocaptper.xyzinfo: Corporation and laboratory.
  4. PANIC EXIT PRO'S FEATURED PRODUCTS: Mag Security Adapter Plate for Rim and Mortise Cylinders $ Details Add To Cart. LockeyUSA Pull Handle Entry Panic Trim (PB-DUMED) $ Details Add To Cart. Sentry Safety / Series Glass Doors Panic Bar For Double Doors.
  5. Neil Fisher is the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Neil Fisher was a member and mole within TerraSave, a civil activist NGO. He was also a former member of the FBC as he was supposed to be Morgan Lansdale's successor.
  6. Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition features less variety of enemies, only two Ganados appearing with three types of weapons: unarmed, pitchfork and axe while the Cultists are largely the same.. Notably absent are the boss battles of Del Lago and Bitores Mendez as are Colmillos, Armadura and potentially Novistadors (unknown yet).
  7. "Panic In Year Zero" () is a forgotten gem among nuclear war survival movies, a "Father-Knows-Best-On-Doomsday" kind of action film. When a devoted dad (Ray Milland, who also directed) and his family go on a fishing trip just before a nuclear war breaks out, the father rises to the challenge and truly becomes the man of the family, even if Reviews:
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