1. A few minutes later we were walking towards the Hokages office. I learned that I'm from the Kenshi clan. There clan all had wolf ears but a few years ago the whole clan was wiped out. The clan was a hated clan because people thought they were monsters. So now I'm even more afraid to show my ears and tail. Kai was walking besides me. He had woken up a few minutes ago and had heard everythin.
  2. This does though keep out Don’t Go Too Fast which itself does have a pretty cool and catchy chorus while still retaining a heavy rock pace (plus I thought a top 4 would look a bit clunky). Altogether, I hope you enjoy this list of my Top 3 Favourite Vanilla Ninja songs. 3. Blue Tattoo – Blue Tattoo stands out.
  3. The song is in the style of punk techno rave, which is very organic and very different. Quiet voice and sung in the style of light pop lyrics of girl-performer in greatly contrast with words and pictures, which are created by a man performer. They are both from Africa, the part where the white people live. They have a lot of Africa in the works.
  4. "Now get tha FUCK out my house, neva' come back!" I throw a chinese star, stick him in his ass-crack (Ahhhh) I turn to my mudda, "I'm sorry that he hit'cha!" DAMN I wish I could be a ninja [repeat chorus] If I could be a ninja, my daddy'd be dead, but I still gotta go ta work, n' pay tha rent I .
  5. A mom told me her 3-year-old old daughter explained to her out of the blue one day that we stay on the ground because of gravity! Another family told me they were sitting around the breakfast table talking about the moons of Jupiter and started checking out NASA info online because the song .
  6. Ninja McTits: A Hella Old Song I Made When I Was Still Figuring Out My Program And Before I Even Knew Of Lolicore But Im Releasing It For A Laugh Or Two ‎ (File, WAV, Single) Tsundere Violence: TV US:
  7. Mar 29,  · HOLY SMOKES, Ninja reacted to my songs on stream ;__; Check out his channel! caibaskpeporfindkerretikbupocaptper.xyzinfo Support me on Patreon!.
  8. I'm a ninja yo, my life is like a video game, I maintain When I'm in the zone one player, one life on the mic, limited time! Go ninja, go! No fuckin' around I'm cutting down anyone in my path Trying to fuck up my game with razor sharp lyrical throwin' stars, jirre my flow's hot Hostile, wild out of control ninja .
  9. I can't make out so I stake out take a doughnut make it glazed I climb the tree and finally I feast upon her frame She's rockin' cotton panties, Sanrio so it seems She's strechen and profechen, she's the cutie of my dreams Lose the T, 32 Bs, yes I know her cup size IMAX in my spy glass while my balls get bug bites (OUCH!) I'm a ninja I'm a.

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