1. Ethereal travel is tireless and rapid. Creatures in the ethereal state need neither food, drin, rest or sleep. Ethereal combat: It is possible to cast spells, melee, etc. on the ethereal plane. These activtives generally affect only others on the same plane, but can affect other creatures who exist partially or function on the ethereal plane.
  2. Eonic in turn is a band from Russia also and have released a mini album back in with this subsequent late release called “shadows” dating back to The band is conformed by two anonymous characters named Z and VS, both associated with the industrial EMB scene from Russia and currently linked with the EBM formation named N that.
  3. Moonlight Eternal is a Canadian Power Metal band formed in Spring They currently have released one single titled Burning Sunlight Everlasting.
  4. Ethereal wave, also called ethereal darkwave, ethereal goth or simply ethereal, is a subgenre of dark wave music and is variously described as "gothic", "romantic", and "otherworldly". Developed in the early s in the UK as an outgrowth of gothic rock, ethereal wave was mainly represented by 4AD bands such as Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, and early guitar-driven Dead Can Dance.

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