1. A fish swimming vertically, nose-down, can mean one of two things. A few species of fish do this as part of their normal behavior. However, more often than not, a fish swimming at odd angles indicates issues with the swim bladder. Swim bladder problems have a host of causes. You need to identify the cause before you can fix it, assuming the.
  2. Nostalgia for fish on the screen drew me to this product: Pros Visually very engaging in that hypnotic way that aquariums are Good sharp defintion, 3D effect, colourful fish swimming away in the coral You can import your own songs in to add to the one guitar track provided Set up is straightforward for Windows 7Reviews:
  3. He swims up and down in a corner constantly. So I'm either going to give him to someone who wants him to breed, or get him another female, only because this swimming ritual is driving me crazy! Other than that, I have no idea why a fish would do as you describe.
  4. Sep 14,  · It probably has Whirling Disease: Myxobolus cerebralis Which unfortunately is fatal and untreatable, as far as I know. It is not tremendously uncommon in aquarium fish. The fish should be removed and euthanized to prevent spreading the disease to.
  5. Oct 30,  · If you notice your molly fish swimming or floating upside down, sideways, or with his tail higher than his head, chances are he's having trouble with his swim bladder. Swim bladder disease treatment is easily done at home. Chances are good your fish will be back to normal in a couple of days.
  6. In Tulamben we often find a school of fish. This school of fish always swim in circles, but why? And who decides in which direction they swim? There are two types of groups of fish, schools and caibaskpeporfindkerretikbupocaptper.xyzinfos are highly organised groups of fish, while schoals is a loosely aggregated group of fish.
  7. She says, 'There's a simple reason why fish swim in circles and not always in the same direction. There's a current in the bowl. The caller said their fish swam anticlockwise that means that the current in the tank is going clockwise. The fish swim into the current because they get ore oxygen forced into their mouths and through their gills.
  8. Jun 26,  · When fish start to spiral or swim around in circles, it is caused by a bacterial or protozoan infection in the brain. These are normally caused by dirty environmental conditions (dirty gravel, filter and lack of water changes). Do a 75% water change and .

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