1. Using the Follower Rest. Long slender shafts that tend to whip and spring while they are being machined require the use of a follower rest (Figure ). The follower rest is fastened to the carriage and moves with the cutting tool. The upper jaw prevents the work from climbing the cutting tool, The lower jaw prevents the work from springing.
  2. 'Fractured Love' starts slow but explodes into a very 80s metal chorus, together with chugging guitars and singalong, chanting chorus. As near to perfect, and again as unlike the 'normal' music played by the band, as possible. 'Action' is a true Leppard, fun track. However much it sounds like it was made for the band, it is actually a Sweet cover/5().
  3. I am of an age when mix tapes were common. I’d be listening to the radio on my boom box on a Sunday evening, a blank tape in the cassette deck, waiting for the Top 40 to start, with my fingers on the ‘play’ and ‘record’ buttons, poised to catch the opening bars of the whatever song I was hoping to record/5().
  4. I stood by the band during what could only be referred to as their awkward stage. In , the band released Adrenalize and while it was not as popular as Hysteria, they still sounded like Def Leppard. Then they released Slag which landed with a thud because they were trying to /5.
  5. FRAGILE () Features: New keyboardist Rick Wakeman on massive breakthrough RIAA-gold #4 album's 9 tracks (including the full-length versions of the hit singles "Roundabout" and "Long Distance Runaround") plus 2 rare bonus tracks (the unedited cover of Paul Simon's "America" first issued only in the U.K., and an early, rough, previously unreleased version of "Roundabout")!/5().
  6. Apr 18,  · A selection of tapes in Matt Mosz's cassette collection Photo: Courtesy of Matt Mosz. Seven years later, Mosz has amassed a collection of – tapes. While most of his early finds consisted of '90s rock (he's a big Foo Fighters and Nirvana fan), meeting other collectors online helped Mosz discover new music on cassette as well.
  7. The song feels heavier and darker than the rest of the record. More menacing, and more dangerous. After that dose of intensity the EP settles in with a ballad, of sorts. “Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü” is about as soft as the band gets, which isn’t saying much, and though it’s a .
  8. The Beach Boys - Still Cruisin' CRC Cassette Tape, etc. 04/03/ Great product. 8 tracks seemed to be well kept. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle CRC 8-tra, etc. 03/19/ I am very happy with the seller (John) and the 8 track tape I received. I will be a repeat customer. Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits CRC /15/
  9. While I wasn’t overly sold on the debut album’s first side, the markedly improved songs on Side Two helped make this album an album that I’m happy to have finally discovered. More to the point, it actually created a desire to hear more of the band’s material to see just what I might’ve missed out on.

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