1. SEIJ MINUS AÇ • Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal • CD REVIEW (1 months ago) En. seij minus aÇ is a project of the japanese musician caibaskpeporfindkerretikbupocaptper.xyzinfo , his first album less physical vortex was released; the new album black acuity suddenly diagonal has a more accessible structure, with almost danceable tracks, and according to the accompanying press release, the artist was inspired by the music of.
  2. Jun 11,  · I don’t think that CD singles ever worked. The CD format is also about size compared with vinyl or even tape. LPs used to be minutes a side (you could copy two albums on to a C90). I think CDs still reference this in terms of volume. A big question though is the old one about packaging. Digital formats have stripped this away.
  3. Seij minus aÇ(セイジマイナサス)は harsh electro/dark electro/industrial noise/classical music/ethereal/new age をベースにした日本発 abstract electro プロジェクト。 メンバー: hAj - Computers & Vocal. アルバム: 1st: "less physical vortex" (Sonic-X Records, , ドイツ).
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  5. Aug 27,  · hAJ from Seij minus aC – EBM from Japan. As I noted in my review of the Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal album, Seij minus aC is truly a special artist. The musical dynamics of sole-member hAj spread from very minute in technical detail to abstraction both conceptually and formally.
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