1. Blindness supports one of the major themes in "Araby." In this first sentence, “blind” has two meanings. Literally, it refers to a cul-de-sac or dead-end street. However, figuratively, Joyce refers to the condition of the boy's, and other's, relation to reality, a kind of short-sighted naivety.
  2. Jul 10,  · Araby definition: → Arabia | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  3.  “Araby,” a short story from James Joyce’s Dubliners, recounts an unnamed boy’s transition from childhood into adulthood, from a life filled with fantasy to all the harsh realities of life in Ireland under British rule. The narrator of the story is the older version of the protagonist, and as a result the prose seems far from what a.
  4. The theme of growing up is evident in the beginning of ''Araby.'' The narrator's obsession with Mangan's sister is somewhat childish, but it is a step closer the adult world.
  5. “Araby” is a story by James Joyce in which a young boy recounts his infatuation with a girl. The unnamed narrator, who lives with his aunt and uncle, becomes entranced by his neighbor Mangan’s.
  6. “Araby” narrator The amorous boy who devotes himself to his neighbor Mangan’s sister. Images and thoughts of the girl subsume the narrator’s days, but when he finally speaks to her it is brief and awkward. When Mangan’s sister tells the narrator about a bazaar called Araby, the narrator decides to go there and buy something for her.
  7. The main themes in “Araby” are loss of innocence and religion, public and private. Loss of innocence: The progression of the story is tied to the beginning of the narrator’s movement from childhood.
  8. The story of Araby is one in James Joyce’s collection, The Dubliners, published in In it, Joyce describes the magic of childhood and the perceptions of love for those just on the brink of awakening into adults. The story is told in first-person and opens on the dull lives of the people who live on North Richmond Street.

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